Faith-Based Organizations

Faith-based Non-profitFor you and those involved with your organization, faith is not something to be taken lightly. You know it is central to your life, and something you want to support above all else. But sometimes it’s hard to know the best way to get others to support your organization, and not everyone is comfortable simply asking their fellow members to give. Philanthropy Resource Group can help you find the best way to engage your constituents so they see the importance of giving and becoming more engaged. Some of the religious groups Maryann has worked with include:

  • Cathedral of the Pines (Rindge, NH)
  • Advent Lutheran Church (Rindge, NH)
  • St. Matthias’ Episcopal Church (Trenton, NJ)
  • Christ Church (Berwick, PA)
  • Christ Episcopal Church Foundation (Warren, OH)
  • Sisters of St. Joseph – multiple contracts (Baden, PA)
  • St. James Episcopal Church (Boardman, OH)