Philanthropy Resource Group
Non-Profit Course Topics

Philanthropy Resource Group consultants have conducted seminars and presentations on many different topics related to non-profit management. Among them:

  • Capital Campaigns: What They Entail and How to Get Ready for One
  • Development Audits and Plans: Making Sure You Get the Most out of Your Efforts
  • Marketing Your Non-profit: Are You Reaching Everyone You Could Be?
  • Fundraising in the One-Person Shop: Raising Major Gifts When You’re Wearing Many Hats!
  • Establishing Benchmarks: How to Measure if Your Program is Successful
  • Special Events: Proper Planning Can Make a Good Event Great
  • Developing Relationships: Managing Donor Relations to Increase Giving to Your Institution
  • Data Management: Knowing How to Use Your Database and Files to Increase Giving
  • Inspiring Your Board: Building a Fundraising Team with People Who Hate Fundraising
  • Fundraising 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Fundraising
  • “Are You Really Welcome?!”: Ensuring Your Organization Will Attract Donors
  • Planned Giving for the Fundraising Generalist: The Three Simple Points You Really Need to Know to Get Started
  • Myths about Who Gives: Building a Broad Base of Gift Support
  • Communicating With Donors: Using Your Newsletters, Direct Mail Appeals and Online Presence to Enhance Funding
  • Stewardship: Are You Inspiring Your Donors to Give Again?
  • Simple Strategic Planning: Planning to Make Your Vision Come Alive
  • Board Development: What is Really Important in Building a Strong Board?
  • Board Development: Get Your Board Charged Up About Asking for Gifts!
  • Volunteers: Managing & Supporting Your Organization’s Ambassadors
  • Donor Recognition: Creative Ways to Say Thank You & Keep Your Donors Happy

For more information about setting up a tailored presentation for your organization, contact Philanthropy Resource Group. We’d love to help!