Solutions for Non-ProfitsRaise more Gifts

If what you need most is to raise more gifts, then Philanthropy Resource Group can help. We can help you plan, execute and manage your development program, whether you are new to fundraising or are experienced but need extra support for a campaign or other initiative. Some of the ways we can help:

  • Learn what you need to do to raise money (Development Reviews & Plans, Annual, Major and Planned Giving, Sponsorship programs)
  • Understand how to Excite People about Giving (Staff and Board Training, Coaching/Mentoring)
  • Develop a compelling case for giving and learn how to effectively communicate it to donors
  • Build and carry out a campaign that will succeed (Feasibility Studies & Campaign Management)

Empowered Boards

Board members are one of a non-profit’s greatest assets, but like all of us, sometimes they need support to be as effective as they can be. We can help you excite your board about helping to raise funds, give them the tools and knowledge they need to lead effectively and guide them to achieve their greatest potential in supporting your organization.

Strategic & Business Planning Simplified

When you think of strategic and business planning, do you get overwhelmed or think of it as a huge, time-consuming project that costs a lot and will never be used? Think again! Strategic and business planning can be simple and easy to follow, and it is essential for any organization that wants to successfully move forward. Philanthropy Resource Group can help you and your board develop a succinct, manageable plan that enables everyone to move in the same direction, maximizing resources and ensuring successful and measurable outcomes.

Tailored Training & Seminars

Is there an area in which your staff or board could really use some training? Rather than trying to budget to send a couple of people to a conference, it can be much more cost-effective to bring a Philanthropy Resource Group consultant in to do a tailored seminar for your entire staff or board. For ideas on some of the ways we can help, click here. We work with you to ensure that the training we provide meets your needs, when you need it.

For Funders & Philanthropists

When you support a non-profit organization, it’s because you care about the mission they seek to address – you want to make a difference in the world and you want to help people. But you may not always have enough information or knowledge about how charities operate to know if your charitable investment is making a real difference. Is the charity well-run? Is it efficient and effective at carrying out its mission? Should I give unrestricted or specify what I want done with my gift?

Philanthropy Resource Group can help guide your giving by serving as your “staff”. We can do an in-depth analysis of charities for you and capitalize on our decades of experience working with many different types of non-profits to ferret out which ones are doing the best job with their resources. We can get the information you need without compromising your desire for anonymity or confidentiality. And we can work with you to develop a Philanthropy plan – what do you want to accomplish through your philanthropy and how can you strategically donate in order to have the most impact? Whatever you are trying to accomplish through your giving, let us help you be as effective as you can be.

“Maryann was very good at helping my board strategize about how to get ready for
a campaign and how to begin building a board that can take our organization to the next level.
It was a turning point that helped turn on a light for the board.”

— Julie Davenson, Executive Director, Stonewall Farm